Lil' Brewers Lighthouse Cafe

A themed Cafe hidden in plain sight Come visit one of our themed rooms!
Goblet Ward 22 Plot 13 Mateus

Hours- Saturdays @ 4PM - 7PM EST

Note from owner: Apologies again for the extended closure, however our doors are now open! Come see us soon <3

fairy room

Is cute and adorable is your forte? Don't fret, come right here to this wonderland of magic and fun!

The library

Maybe you prefer to bask in your darkness alone with only the sounds of fire as company? Then our Library is just for you! Come have some darkness in a cup right here and set alone with your thoughts as you bask in the darkness

oriental room

Perhaps classic Zen is more your tempo? Than this room is perfect for you, with a calming atmosphere and an amazing look, you'll feel cozy and find your inner peace right in this room.

The Modern Cafe

Maybe what you are looking for is something a bit more laid back and sleek? This room is for you, plants and gardens all around with modern sofa seating for you to casually lounge and talk without interruption.

Boozy Tea Room

if the nightlife is more your style there is a boozy tea room where its at, a bar and event room in one where shows, and events will be planned, come get one of our tea based cocktails and lounge around to the music in our plush chairs for all adults to enjoy. Please drink responsibly,

Main Cafe

We also cater to larger groups with a main cafe area to hold groups up to 16 people in a party so if you are wanting something larger we got you covered!

art gallery

perhaps rooms aren't your thing, The art gallery is set up for all to enjoy! We House many beautiful art pieces and sculptures from far and wide. take a cup of tea and take a meander about and see for yourself!

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